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We are a family of 3. Jacob and I are both self-employed. He’s a full-time musician and artist and I have a wellness and photography business. Our son Liam is 13 years old and is currently a 7th grade homeschooler. We have a 10 year old boston terrier mix who is arguably one of the best dogs in the world. We are quiet people who enjoy spending time at home and in nature. We enjoy gardening and are interested in sustainable living practices. We take exceptional care of every home we live in. Our rent payments are always on time and we have verifiable references.

What We Are Seeking

We are seeking a 3-4 bedroom single family home with 0.5+ acres of land. Preferred locations are: North Branch, Marine On St. Croix, Harris, Scandia, Lindstrom, Wyoming, Forest Lake, and Taylors Falls. Move-in date of 07/01/2021-07/15/2021. We are interested in organic gardening and growing our own food. We enjoy lots of plants within our space and are seeking a home with plenty of natural lighting. We would prefer to rent from the original owners rather than a rental company. We are looking to rent for 2-5 more years. Our future goals are to own land and build a sustainable earth or tiny home. 


Residence History

Alexandra Strong

Employer: Self-Employed

Role/Position: Owner of Alexandra Strong Photography and Atma Prema Wellness

Dates: 01/01/2013

Income: $30,000/yearly

Jacob Gossel

Employer: Self-Employed

Role/Position: Musician, Artist, Podcaster

Dates: 01/01/2016

Income: $40,000/yearly


Alexandra Strong

Phone: 763.331.4841


Instagram: @alexandrastrongmn || @atma.prema.wellness

Jacob Gossel

Phone: 651.895.7506


Instagram: @jacobgossel

Additional Information

Jacob's Credit Score • 804

Alexandra's Credit Score • 737

Current Residence

Address: 7025 15th Ave S, Richfield Mn 55423

Dates: 06/01/2020-Present

Rent Amount: $1,700

Reason for Moving: Owner is selling home

Previous Residence

Address: 3643 Clinton Ave, Mpls Mn 55409

Dates: 09/01/2018-05/31/2020

Rent Amount: $1,250

Reason for Moving: Upgrade/More space

Address: 2525 3rd Ave S, Mpls, Mn 55405

Dates: 11/01/2015-08/31/2018

Rent Amount: $850

Reason for Moving: Upgrade/More space


Name: Nick S.

Relationship: Current Landlord/Homeowner

Phone: 651-325-8734

Name: Roey S.

Relationship: Previous Landlord/Homeowner

Phone: 917-952-9691

Name: Kelly B.

Relationship: Client

Phone: 612-850-4231


No Bankruptcies

No Criminal Record

No Evictions

No Unlawful Detainers

No Rental Issues or Complaints

Our Current Home